As a child, Houston’s Mackenzie Brown’s mother “slammed a door shut on her finger.” The injury was so severe that Brown needed to get a skin graft from her bikini line since the accident “ripped off” the top piece of her finger. Now, Brown had come forward with a bizarre trait about her finger when she posted a TikTok video response to another user who asked about “really weird things their bodies do.”

Due to her young age, Brown’s doctors grafted skin from her bikini line instead of from her arm or leg – for fear that the scar would grow and become very obvious when she was older. However, her finger now sprouts pubic hair and has turned brown.

“This was back in the 90s, and I got a skin graft. [But] instead of taking the skin from the back of my leg or a piece under my arm or something – they didn’t want the scar to grow as I grew – they took it from my groin area, my bikini line.”

When she was a child, Brown dunked “her hand inside the toilet” when she got home. This caused water to get into the cast and resulted in the finger turning dark brown over time.

“When I got home with the cast, I dunked my hand inside the toilet, and it got wet inside the cast, so my finger healed wrong, and it turned brown, which is really weird,” she said.

Although the skin color change was a bizarre effect of the skin graft, it was not the strangest thing Brown had to tell her TikTok followers. When she went through puberty, thick black hair began growing from the grafted skin. She realized that she was sprouting pubic hair from her fingertip!

“When I hit puberty, and I started growing hair down there, I also started growing hair on my finger,” she said in her viral video. “Kids found that out in school, and they started calling me ‘coochie finger.’”

Because her video was so unique, the video went viral with tens of millions of views. She also received tens of thousands of comments from people across the globe – most of whom were simply surprised by the bizarre event.

“I… I don’t understand,” one person wrote. “Why did they take the skin from down there again?”

“Throw the whole finger away!”

Another person joked, “If you need to get it amputated, my dad knows a guy.”

Some people wondered why she stuck her finger in the toilet bowl after the skin graft.

Brown replied, “Why do two-year-olds do anything. I was also left-handed before this happened…. the fact I couldn’t use my right hand made me want to use it more.”

Dr. Sandra Lee – famous online as Doctor Pimple Popper – offered Brown some context.

“You’re not the only one with a pubic finger, or how you say ‘coochie finger,’” said Dr. Lee. She then shared an image of a patient’s “scrotal finger.”

What do you think about this strange occurrence for this young woman?

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