A young woman wanted to express herself through tattoo art. She hired a tattoo artist to create a tattoo on her neck that has completely transformed the way she appears in front of other people. In a viral video, which the woman posted to her TikTok account via username SpaceAtMidnight, the woman breaks down into tears after she complained that the blackout neck tattoo has completely changed the appearance of her face shape.

Tattoos have become increasingly common and popular among American people. They are a great way for people to express their creativity and personalities. While not everyone gets a tattoo infused with personal meaning, most people want to get permanent ink on their skin in the appearance of something that has meaning to them. Since tattoos are permanent creations, they should include something that has personal meaning.

In the video shared to the Chinese-created social media app, the TikTok user showed off her new face tattoo. Her video showed how her upper cheeks, lower chin, and half of her neck below her head had been completely blacked out with tattoo ink. She immediately regretted the tattoo and expressed her concerns via her TikTok video, which went viral shortly afterward.

“I’m having a whole entire identity crisis,” the woman explained in her viral video. “Because it slightly alters the shape of my face.”

The woman was on the brink of tears during her video for TikTok. The woman had done a lot of work before getting the tattoo. She even colored her jaw and neck to see if she liked having it blacked out. She fell in love with it, so she decided to go through the process of visiting a tattoo parlor and getting her neck blacked out.

“It’s on my actual face,” the woman said. “I feel like my face is smothering into my neck.”

She captioned the video with a request for people to give her some good news after her big tattoo mistake. Some people offered her exactly that in the form of positive thinking.

“Breath in and let go,” one person wrote in the TikTok comments. “This has happened. It will look better when the swelling goes down. This moment will pass, and you will be okay.”

A second supporter wrote, “Maybe it is swelling. I’d imagine that the skin would swell a bit with a tattoo like that. Maybe give it a day.”

Other people expressed their shock that this woman would actually pay a tattoo artist to do this to her face. One person wrote, “I feel you a thousand percent. You are not overreacting.”

In another video to follow up on her first clip, the woman made it clear that she did not blame the tattoo artist for the work she had done to her neck. She had the design stenciled onto her skin before she got it permanently inked – and she approved the design before the artist began the work.