Generations ago, hard-working Americans had the ability to purchase a single-family home from a Sears catalog. The American retailer would provide Americans with a blueprint and all the parts and tools necessary to build the house from the ground up. Over the one hundred years since Sears was selling homes in their catalog, a lot has changed, and a new retailer has risen from the ashes of the American retail landscape – Amazon.

Under the leadership of Jeff Bezos (the richest man in the world), Amazon has spread its influence into all areas of the economy. You can do your grocery shopping through Amazon (they purchased Whole Foods a few years ago), you can buy a car on Amazon, you can shop for cheap Chinese goods on Amazon, and you can still buy books and eBooks from the internet company that was initially created for just that purpose.

But now Amazon is breaking into the real estate market. Watch out, Donald Trump, Jeff Bezos might soon be the next great real estate tycoon in American history.

Amazon sells large structures on their website. Some of these come with large wheels and trailers so they can be hauled across the American landscape. Others are able to be built on land that you own – just like Sears did during the first few decades of the 1900s.

Many of the tiny homes sold on Amazon are not really meant for full-time living. However, they could function well as a “She shed” or as a cabin in the woods.

Allwood Industrials is a company among the many retailers trying to break into the real estate market through Amazon. This manufacturer sells their tiny homes made out of wood – rather than plastics and other synthetic materials. They were founded in 2000 – just after the Dot Com Boom and know that they need to make an impact if they hope to break into the landscape of the American economy. They sell their products from Scandinavia and the Baltic States.

The company does not recommend you use their structures as a home. Instead, they claim they make great wine tasting rooms, yoga studios, retail spaces, guest houses, and even vacation sleepers along a lake or mountainside.

Instead of trying to sell people a one-size-fits-all solution, they create structures that meet all sorts of different needs. And the price tags match that function. Available from as low as $6,250 to $50,000, there’s a structure available on Amazon to meet almost every person’s needs.

If you purchase a cabin from Allwood Industrials, you’ll receive a kit in the mail. It comes with all the wood needed to build the structure from the ground up – as well as the tools. Allwood Industrials and Amazon have taken a page right out of a one-hundred-year-old Sears catalog.

For example, an interested buyer can get the Allwood Avalon Cabin Kit for $33,990. It is a 540 square foot cabin that ships for free from Amazon.

“If you are searching for a cabin with a functional floor plan, take a look at Allwood Avalon,” the description reads.

Do you think many people would buy these structures from Amazon?