Transgender people and those in the greater LGBTQ community have been fighting for equal rights for years. One topic that remains wildly contentious all of these years into the debate is whether or not transgender people should be allowed to use bathrooms that match their chosen gender. Now, a report from Wyoming had added fuel to the debate because transgender woman Michelle Martinez, who was known by her given name of Miguel before she transitioned to life as a woman, has been found guilty of sexually assaulting a ten-year-old girl while she was in a bathroom.

Martinez was charged and convicted of first- and second-degree sexual abuse, according to a local report from the Wyoming news source Casper Star-Tribune. The little girl, who was ten at the time of the abuse, told authorities that Martinez took her to a bathroom in a residence. Martinez, who was a family friend, then touched the ten-year-old child before penetrating her, according to a report published in the Daily Mail.

The child told authorities that she thinks Martinez should go to jail for what she did to her.

“It hurt inside,” the ten-year-old victim said.

The child was taken to the Wyoming Medical Center for an examination following the sexual assault. The nurses ran a rape kite and found that the little girl had evidence of the sex crime. Her genitals had abrasions and redness due to the unwanted penetration from the transgender woman.

Later, authorities caught up with Martinez. They found her at her home. She was unconscious because she had drunk herself into submission. She tested a blood alcohol level of .218, which is almost three times the legal limit to drive.

Martinez blamed the victim and denied that any assault had occurred. She said that the ten-year-old child was pulling a “publicity stunt” and lying about the attack in the bathroom.

Online users were outraged by the news. Many people contributed comments about Martinez’s arrest.

“Should be jailed for the rest of his life. I really don’t understand what goes on in people’s minds to hurt a child,” wrote one person in the Daily Mail’s comments section.

“Yep, what we all fear with the gender bathroom debate,” commented a second. “It’s not as much of an issue with trans women entering Men’s restrooms but vice versa.”

“This is the exact reason there should be separate bathrooms for these people,” wrote another. “Children should just not be exposed/accessible to them in ANY WAY whatsoever!”

“My own son was molested by a dirty old man in a restaurant bathroom three years ago,” commented a parent. “I have been fighting with lawmakers in my state and at the federal level to require all businesses to install a 3rd and 4th bathroom for male and female minors under the age of 14.”

What do you think about the details of this crime? How long do you feel Martinez should spend behind bars?