Figure skaters often deliver beautiful and fluid performances during competitions, but this video of one skater continues to blow viewers away. The footage was taken at the 2010 Los Angeles Showcase in Burbank, California, where skater Taryn Jurgensen performed her routine to “Hallelujah” by Alexandra Burke. The routine, choreographed by Karen Kwan-Oppegard, won Taryn the Funakoshi Trophy at the event and with good reason.

Her emotional take on the classic song is beyond gorgeous and moving.

Taryn has been skating since she was a young child and her hard work definitely paid off. When she took to the ice in a flowy white dress and the music started to play, those in attendance could never have expected the performance she would bring to the ice.

Taryn truly brings grace and emotion to her ice dance, as she effortlessly spins, glides, and performs challenging jumps and technical skills. Taryn doesn’t miss a beat at the showcase and her elegance and expressive routine all but clinched her win.

The video has been viewed millions of times since Taryn posted it, with many people sharing comments about how talented she is. Those who have watched it have been completely blown away by her flawless and powerful performance.

One person commented: “Taryn, I watch this video of you frequently. Your elegance, grace, and skill are so inspiring. I started skating at 59 and hold onto the dream that sometime, in this life, I will be able to skate half as beautifully as you. Your choice of music, costume, and choreography is most beautiful. Thank you!”

Taryn responded: “Thank you so much for your beautiful comment! For me it has always been about the passion I feel for skating and I can see you feel the same way too. Keep it up!”

Another person remarked: “Your amazing performance brought me to tears. Really. Such grace and beauty as well. Congratulations for every performance where you’ve blown us away.”

Others congratulated the skater on her hard work and dedication, with one person noting: “thank you for sharing your skating passion. I enjoy few skaters as much as I enjoy watching you skate… Such skill, dedication, grace, beauty, and expression of flawless flow. VERY GIFTED.”

Another commenter wondered if Taryn still trains and skates, noting: “I love your skating and performance! Its been long since you update a new skating video of yourself. Any new ones coming up soon?”

Taryn, it seems, has been very busy – with medical school! She responded, “Thanks for watching, no, I’m in medical school now but I will try to upload a video from a few years ago soon!”

She also shared that she skates “whenever I get the chance to,” explaining that during school breaks, she hits the ice.

Others couldn’t hold back, gushing about Taryn’s talent, with one commenter noting: “I still watch this video and die at how amazing you are… beautiful song choice… beautiful girl… so much artistry and depth and so well executed I’m just obsessed.”

Taryn called this routine her “favorite program.”

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