Kelly Jacobs is engaged to a man who she has never met and who must remain locked behind bars until his twenty-year sentence comes to an end in 2032. Nevertheless, 28-year-old Jacobs, who graduated from a social work program, believes she will be rewarded with love and affection by waiting for James “Wyatt” Dentel to finish his prison sentence for shooting four men.

Since 2018, Jacobs has been writing to Dentel in his cell at the Oregon prison facility. The pair have established a very close connection since becoming pen pals and have since taken their relationship to the next level by getting engaged. Although Jacobs will have to wait more than a decade before she finally gets to enjoy life with her lover, she believes it is worth the wait.

Jacobs lives 5,000 miles away from Dentel. He is based in Oregon, while she lives in the Netherlands in Europe. Wyatt, 32, has gotten several tattoos of Kelly Jacobs, including the letter “K” inked on his ring finger to indicate that his heart has gone out to her. She has tattooed “W” on her finger because Wyatt has her heart.

Wyatt proposed marriage to Jacobs via a video call. However, Wyatt is scheduled to be in prison for more than a decade more. The pair plan to tie the knot and get married in October 2021.

The young beauty from the Netherlands could not be happier with her convicted fiancé.

“He proposed with a prison-made ring, but then he had someone in the free world order a ring at a jeweler for me,’ said Kelly, who is hoping to work in psychiatry now she has graduated. For the wedding, I won’t wear a traditional, fancy dress, because people don’t do that for prison weddings. I will probably just wear a simple white dress or white trousers or a white skirt and top.”

Jacob’s parents have blessed her engagement to the convict. They support her desire to live with Wyatt after he is released from prison and look forward to the pair starting a family together and having kids.

Jacobs knows all about why Wyatt is locked away at the Snake River Correctional Institution. He got involved in a bar brawl where he used a gun to shoot other men.

Kelly explained: “He was with a girlfriend, they were at a bar and they got attacked by five strangers, he tried to protect himself and his girlfriend, he pulled a gun and shot four of them, but none of them died.”

Although Jacobs and Wyatt have never been in the same room, they are deeply in love with each other. Even after they get married, they will be denied conjugal visits because those are not legal in the state of Oregon.

“Of course, it is difficult,” said Kelly. “He is worried that I won’t pick up the phone eventually or that I won’t wait for him. He asks me how I feel about not having sex for such a long time; he worries how I would react if someone else flirts with me.”

She added, “But he says he’s quite confident that I will wait because I’m not the kind of person who goes to parties or leads a crazy life. If I found out that he was writing to other women, that would end things for me. For me, creating a bond with someone else is also cheating. I sometimes wonder if there won’t be physical chemistry when we meet in person for the first time, but I’m not worried too much.”

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