Richard Gere might be a famous face, but now a lot of people are angry at him for what he did at his upstate New York inn. Gere has angered his neighbors by installing a large cell phone tower on his inn’s property, which is called the Bedford Post Inn and is located in Bedford, New York. The inn has eight rooms available for rent and opened to the public in 2019 before the pandemic hit the country hard a few months later.

Gere, 73, shocked his neighbors when he installed the cell phone tower on the 14 acres of land. The tower stands 130 feet tall and is in view of many of the wealthy neighbors living in Bedford, New York, and the surrounding area.

Page Six reported that neighbors of Gere’s luxury inn are furious with the new cell phone tower that the 73-year-old actor installed on the property. Among those who are angry with Gere are Jerry Seinfeld’s sister and the parents of Kate Mara and Rooney Mara.

The tower has been in place since the summer, and no one was informed of its construction until it was already up and running. The neighbors are now concerned that not only is the tower an eyesore, but that it will also interfere with their cell phone reception. They are also worried about potential health risks associated with having a large cell phone tower so close to their homes.

Gere’s inn has received numerous complaints from neighboring residents who say that the actor failed to properly inform them of his plans to build the tower or give them any opportunity to voice their opinions on its placement. This lack of communication between Gere and his neighbors has caused tensions between them to boil over as they feel he acted without any consideration for their wellbeing.

The situation between Gere and his neighbors has now become a legal dispute as they are taking their complaints to court. While the tower is not expected to be taken down anytime soon, it remains to be seen what the court’s ruling will be on the issue. In the meantime, Richard Gere’s Bedford Post Inn may continue to cause tension among its wealthy New York State neighbors.

Whether or not Richard Gere’s decision to build the cell phone tower in his upstate New York neighborhood will be upheld remains to be seen. For now, the neighbors of Bedford Post Inn are still angry at the actor for what he has done, and only time will tell if a compromise can be reached between them.

Verizon had filed a lawsuit against the town of Bedford in July 2021 after two bids to build a cell phone tower were shot down. Verizon wanted the tower installed to fill gaps in coverage for cell phone service and emergency responders, as ordered by the Federal Telecommunications Act.

“In the winter, I have a gorgeous vista. And I look forward to it every year. Now I’ll be looking at an ugly tower that will soon be obsolete if the location is approved,” said Kathleen Rooney Mara.