News anchors and other television personalities are willing to do almost everything to stay in front of the camera. But one anchor on “This Morning” went over the edge when he decided to devour a squirrel while live on the air. Phillip Schofield thought that by eating the rodent on the British daytime talk show, he might be able to elevate his career and get more attention on an international level – in part, his idea has worked since he has gone viral for eating a squirrel on the television program.

On the program, Phillip Schofield did not just eat raw squirrels in front of the camera. The incident was part of a segment featuring chef Phil Vickery who was cooking up some dishes that included parts of small rodents. For example, Chef Vickery created a dish with some squirrel risotto, as well as another dish, served up as a buttermilk squirrel. He gave the anchor a controversial choice to eat the squirrel meals on television, which Schofield did not hesitate to do in order to boost ratings and get his face in front of millions of people despite bizarre and squirrelly reasons.

While Schofield was more than happy to devour squirrel for the television audience, his co-anchor Holly Willoughby was willing to stand her ground. She refused the chef’s dishes and confirmed that she would not be eating squirrel – no matter what form it came in and who cooked it up. Holly confessed that the whole thing made her feel a bit “gippy,” which is a British term meaning that she was made nauseous by the entire ordeal.

After Schofield’s stunt eating squirrel on This Morning, the show was bombarded with comments from concerned viewers. Some people supported Schofield’s adventurous pallet, while others were quick to point out that eating squirrels is gross.

“Shameful,” declared one comment.

“Appalling,” another wrote.

Some people even commented on how they would be changing the channel to the BBC so they would not have to watch one of the high-paid news anchors eating squirrels on television. The BBC probably saw a small boost of viewers the day This Morning decided to host Chef Vickery and his squirrel protein dishes.

Some viewers even claimed that it was cruel” and “inhumane” to eat squirrels in this way. But some people were unbothered and did not seem to think it was the worst idea out there, especially since there are often too many squirrels running around outside.

“If you aren’t vegetarian, you can’t really get squeamish over eating squirrel,” one person tweeted.

Now, Schofield has remained rather silent about the day he devoured meals with squirrel meat in them. It is unclear if the dishes made him feel squeamish or anything or if they were just right for his appetite. Nevertheless, there are some people reporting that he now has a craving for acorns, although this statement is most certainly an example of humor.