A mother of a six-year-old girl has been ridiculed online for sending her child to school with a lunch box loaded with “choking hazards.” If you’re not able to identify the dangerous snack in the packed lunch, that’s because it’s not what you’d expect. Nevertheless, other parents rocked mom with complaints after they noticed she was sending her daughter to school with whole green grapes in her lunch pail.

Grapes are a risky food for young children because they can get lodged in the throat. But some parents went off on this mother for giving her daughter an “extreme choking hazard” for lunch. Instead, they urged mom to slice the grapes lengthwise to make it impossible for the fruit to get stuck in the child’s throat.

Although mom made a lot of healthy choices for her little girl – grapes, strawberries, chicken, pretzels, crackers, and cheese – as well as a banana yogurt for dessert – it was the unsliced grapes that earned the ire of dozens of other parents on social media.

“Please chop those grapes, awesome selection though,” one woman wrote.

“You need to chop grapes in half lengthwise due to choking hazard,” said another.

One other woman explained that grapes are the leading choking hazard for children under the age of five. However, the mother who posted the picture of her little girl’s lunch defended herself, explaining that her daughter “knows how to chew food.”

She wrote, “My daughter is six and has successfully eaten whole grapes since she was four without choking. I didn’t realize my parenting of my own child was everyone else’s concern. She took this to school and did not choke because she knows how to chew her food.”

The woman’s daughter also doesn’t like sliced grapes because it “ruins the crunch.” Nevertheless, critics refused to back down and asserted that mom should be slicing grapes for her six-year-old girl to promote safer eating. One mother even explained that she still slices grapes for her teenage children.

“It’s not just toddlers that can choke on grapes I have known older kids to as well and not ended well maybe just me, but I still slice grapes for my teens,” one woman said. “I still chop them for my eight and 6-year-old, mainly out of habit but also because they shove a heap in their mouth and run off to play.”

The mother did have her fair share of defenders on the social media platform.

One woman wrote, “I’m sure, as the child’s mother, she would know if her child was capable of chewing a grape or not. Unbelievable that other mothers would call her out on this.”

Another person added, “This never use to be a thing. I have three kids and was lucky obviously cause we never had a problem, but I’m pretty sure older kids would be fine without them sliced. Can’t be cutting your kids’ food into bite-size pieces forever.”

Do you think grapes should still be sliced in half for six-year-old children?

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