A mom of identical twins came up with a unique solution after failing one too many times to tell her little babies apart. Because the twins were still infants, mom decided to call the police to help her tell the children apart by getting her infant twins into the legal system through fingerprinting. In a tweet shared to the American platform owned by billionaire Elon Musk, mother Sofi Rodriquez joked about how she won the award for “mother of the year” after she felt forced to ask law enforcement for help in identifying the difference between her two twins babies.

The “mother of the year” captioned her viral tweet with the following. So far, her tweet has received more than 15.2 million views and counting.

This is what the young mother wrote: “Tomorrow, I have to go to the police to have my twins fingerprinted and tell me which one is which. I won the mother of the year award.”

Sofi admitted that she needed help from law enforcement last week after she struggled to tell her children apart from each other. Sofi has shared other tweets revealing how hard it is for her to be a mother of twin infants since they do not look different except for the clothes she makes them wear.

“In the photos, they look different, but it is because they come from different angles or the light… sets them apart. In person, they are the same.”

Although Sofi asked police officers for help in identifying the difference between her infant twins, the cops were unable to help her. They tried to use vaccinations to tell the children apart, but that also proved to be unsuccessful. Apparently, doctors made a mistake and might have vaccinated one of the babies twice.

On Twitter, one twin came forward with how he does not know if he was switched by his mother by accident. He said that when he was a child, he would wear a bracelet to identify him from his twin, who looked exactly alike.

Another Twitter user explained that they used jewelry to tell the children apart. One twin would wear the jewelry on their right hand while the other twin would wear it on their left. This trick worked for a while until the children were old enough to switch which hand the jewelry was on.

“We are almost 30 years old, and maybe I am him, and he is me,” the Twitter user said in the tweet.

In a conversation with Insider, one mom named Conz Preti admitted that she was terrified that she would switch her twins up and fail to be able to identify who was who. She explained that she wanted to pierce her infants’ faces so she could tell them apart but decided against it since it was such an invasive procedure. Instead, Preti used the “baby A” and “baby B” bracelets the hospital gave her to tell the twins apart.