One mother from the United Kingdom turned to a popular channel for moms called Mumsnet to share her concerns about her daughter. Apparently, the mother’s fifteen-year-old daughter wants to have an intimate sleepover with her boyfriend. Although the mother told her daughter that she would not be allowed to have a sleepover with her boyfriend, people on Mumsnet are warning the mother that this decision could cause catastrophic damage to their mother-daughter relationship since she is not allowing the girl to have a sleepover with her boyfriend.

The mother first turned to Mumsnet to express her worries about allowing her fifteen-year-old daughter to sleep over at her boyfriend’s house. Apparently, the boyfriend was having a birthday party over the weekend and wanted his girlfriend to spend the night, so they could likely get frisky with each other under the bedsheets.

The mother explained that the boyfriend had been diagnosed with sepsis last year and was still struggling with the disease. Apparently, the boyfriend is struggling with feeling weak and tired and probably does not have enough energy to nail the mom’s teen daughter, as she fears.

Mom refused to let her daughter go to her boyfriend’s house for a weekend sleepover because “they are still too young.” However, the concerned mother’s decision left the fifteen-year-old girl feeling “very annoyed” with her loving parent.

Because the daughter had gotten so frustrated with her mother following the decision, the mom was questioning whether or not she should allow her underage girl to sleep at her boyfriend’s house overnight. Other parents were quick to share their reactions in the form of comments, with some people going so far as to claim that the mother’s strict decision could “drive a wedge” between her and her teenage daughter.

The mom explained that her daughter has been in an on-again-off-again relationship with her boyfriend since they were in middle school together. Mom said that the boy’s sepsis “had affected” her daughter “a lot” because she did not want to see her teenage lover struggling with a disease like that.

“She is now okay, and she is supporting him,” the mom wrote. She added, “It’s his birthday this weekend, and he’s invited DD to spend it with him and his family at a small party which I have no issue with… The issue is he’s asked my daughter to sleep over on Friday night, which I’ve said no to as I feel they’re still too young.”

Mom said that her “darling daughter is very annoyed at this.” She added, “She has said they aren’t going to have sex (which I didn’t mention) which I should ‘already know’ as he is still not 100 percent well. I don’t care about him as it’s the one thing he wants (he hasn’t asked for a present, just to see her), etc. I’m now wondering if I’m being a bit mean by saying no.”

Internet user lashed out at the mom for being too strict on her teenage daughter.

“If your daughter is going to have sex, preventing her from going to this family event is not going to make any difference,” one person wrote.

Should this teen girl be allowed to go to her boyfriend’s house for a sleepover?