Jennifer Hawkins, 45, used to have her dream job as a cheerleading coach in Oklahoma. However, she has now been arrested after it came to light that she had sex with her daughter’s underage boyfriend more than three hundred times. The coach allegedly forced her daughter’s sixteen-year-old boyfriend to have sex with her repeatedly, turning what should never have occurred into a long-running sexual relationship that the victim has described as “manipulative and controlling.”

A spokesperson from the Moore Public School District has confirmed that Hawkins has been fired from employment as a cheerleading coach. Prior to getting exposed for having sexual relations with an underage victim, Hawkins worked part-time for the school district.

The sex crimes began in earnest in September 2017. The victim, who was underage at the time, has since graduated high school but is suffering from a manipulative relationship with the Oklahoma cheerleading coach. He alerted police to how he had been raped by his girlfriend’s mother “numerous times.” The victim sent a letter about the allegations against Hawkins to school district officials on January 27, 2023, from a rehabilitation center in California where he was being treated for the psychological damage he suffered from getting raped multiple times by an adult he should have been able to trust.

At first, Hawkins denied sleeping with her daughter’s underage boyfriend. But she quickly changed her tune when she saw how serious the charges were against her. She “admitted she made a mistake and began crying and admitted to having been in a sexual relationship” with the boy while he was underage.

The victim, who is now twenty-one years old, said that Hawkins raped him multiple times in her home in Oklahoma. When authorities asked Hawkins how many times she had sex with the child victim, she admitted she had “no clue” while police indicated it was “numerous times.”

The sexual relationship lasted until 2022. Hawkins would pick up her victim during lunch, bring him back to her house, have sexual intercourse with him, and then get on with her day.

The victim believes that he had sex with the Oklahoma cheerleading coach more than three hundred times over the years. Hawkins met her sex victim through her daughter because the victim and Hawkins’s daughter dated for an unspecified amount of time and knew each other from school.

During one incident, Hawkins was watching a soccer match with her victim when she touched his private parts and told him that he would remember the soccer match for the rest of his life because of her flirtatious touch.

When the victim came forward to the police, he shared text messages between himself and Hawkins. The cheerleading coach would get “angry” if she found the victim looking at other women on social media. In one text message, the victim allegedly told Hawkins, “I want you in my life. I just don’t want a romantic relationship.”

Hawkins was arrested on charges of second-degree rape and sexual battery.