When fourteen-year-old Chelsea Silk showed up to school flaunting her new false eyelashes, she was immediately disciplined for wearing the fashion statement. The young teen was placed into isolation as punishment for showing up to school with the rule-breaking fake eyelashes. Now, Chelsea’s mother, Angela Jackson, has come forward to criticize her daughter’s school for putting the child in isolation for making a fashion statement with fake eyelashes.

According to Chelsea, she was forced to remove the eyelash extensions by a demanding adult. The staff member lurked over her while waiting for the teen to remove the eyelash extensions. TheThe adult confronted her about it while she was in the bathroom.

On Wednesday, the Royal Wootton Bassett Academy contacted Angela to tell her that the girl violated the school dress code by flaunting long eyelash extensions. Now, the teenager claims that she has been locked away in isolation for days since showing up to school with fake eyelashes on her face.

However, Angela believes that her daughter has the “right” to wear fake eyelashes to school if she wants to. And now the mother has shared images of her daughter in the controversial eyelashes because she is not willing to back down from what she has been calling “Lashgate.”

Angela said, “I went in to pick her up, and she was very upset because someone stood over at the basin until she took them off. I will not back down on this, and she will keep going into school wearing the eyelashes. It means that she will be in the isolation unit. She has never been in there before for anything and has never had a detention. I don’t see how wearing false eyelashes impacts on her school work.

“I took photographs of her wearing one set of false lashes as she does for the school and another of her wearing two. I accept that wearing two sets would be inappropriate, but I can’t see that the one set can cause any problems.”

Although Angela believes that her daughter has the right to wear fake eyelashes to school, many people on social media felt that the fight was not worth fighting. These critics argued that the teenager should be following the school’s dress code policy even if it is very strict and has regulations on the length of girls’ eyelashes.

“Always believed uniform. Discipline is a key part of education. It doesn’t set a good example going against policy – it makes a child spoilt. You don’t go to a job wearing something that is unnecessary. School is for learning. It’s not a fashion parade. People should encourage their children to follow the rules, not to be disobedient and break them.”

Another person wrote, “I am sure you can live without false eyelashes for a few hours.”

“I agree with the school. There are jobs out there that aren’t allowed to wear acrylic nails. Does that mean the company is pathetic?” wrote another critic. “Uniform and school policies are no different to company uniform and policies; they are there for a reason! When I was younger, I wasn’t allowed to wear the fashionable blue eyeshadow and mascara and had to take them off at school! If you can’t abide by school policies, then there’s no hope if you get a Job with uniform and strict policies in the future!”

Do you think this teen should be allowed to wear her eyelash extensions to school?

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