Bullying is a problem in America. And schools are not doing enough to stop it. So, when parents learn that their child is the victim of a bully, they often have no recourse but to act on the information themselves. School administrators and authorities seldom do enough when a bully is brought before them, so one Maryland mom named Kelly Sadik decided to take matters into her own hands when she learned who her daughter’s bully was.

Last week, the concerned mother followed her daughter to school at Aberdeen Middle School. The 41-year-old mom entered her daughter’s middle school at 8:15 am and proceeded to follow the child to her classroom, where she came face to face with her daughter’s bully. The mother confronted the 12-year-old bully who was mistreating her daughter since school authorities had not done enough to thwart the unpleasant situation. However, the mom may have gone a little off the rails after she allegedly attacked her daughter’s bully, injuring the child in the assault.

Police Captain Will Reiber stated, “A verbal confrontation ensued. [Sadik] at one point placed their hands on the child, grabbing them in an effort to continue the conversation. Ultimately, a teacher was able to intervene.”

Sgt. Jason Neidig confirmed that the concerned mother attacked the 12-year-old bully and left “a pretty nice-sized red mark and bruise” on the female bully’s arm after assaulting her inside the Maryland middle school.

The bully’s father, Charles Bates, received a call from the school to let him know that his daughter had been bullying another girl in her class and that girl’s mother had attacked his daughter. He was shocked that the attack had occurred on school grounds when staff, administrators, and teachers were present but were not able to stop the attack from occurring.

Bates told local news outlet WBAL, “The biggest concern was how quickly she got into the school, she bypassed the office, and then she got a direction location of where my daughter was.”

Bates was horrified that an adult attacked his 12-year-old daughter, although the child was bullying another kid.

He added, “She could have had a weapon. She could have had anything. That’s the most frightening part about it.”

Since the assault on the bully, Sadik was arrested and charged with second-degree assault and trespassing. Now, the Harford County Public Schools administration has released a statement about the attack on their school grounds.

“We vet folks that are coming into our schools. Protocol was followed today by our staff. Unfortunately, we had a parent that decided to break protocol,” Donoven Brooks, the school’s safety and security chief, shared with the local news outlet. “Fortunately, we had staff members who immediately identified, through their vigilance and just knowing the building — that there was something that was not right and immediately stepped in to take action.”

Do you think this mom was wrong to attack her daughter’s bully?