One former McDonald’s employee quit in a dramatic fashion. Guests at the restaurant’s drive-thru in Louisville, Kentucky, were met with an unexpected surprise sign when pulling up to place their order. Taped over the speaker, a disgruntled McDonald’s employee printed a note that said, “We are closed because I am quitting, and I hate this job.” Now, the sign has sparked controversy in Kentucky as well as across the nation as people turn to social media to discuss this employee’s decision to quit during the workday.

According to a Yahoo News report, the employee was supposed to be working the Saturday shift when they became fed up with their job and up and left. However, they did not leave before posting the controversial sign on the drive-thru speaker to let people know that they were not happy with their former place of employment.

The sign was shared to social media by user @ @GreatApeDad, and it subsequently went viral on Twitter. Now the Kentucky location has been trending, and people are trying to gather more details about the employee who left the note on the drive-thru speaker.

“I just see there and one of the monitors which had been not working for many weeks, that sign that was posted there, so I personally thought it was funny, so I took a picture, uploaded it to Twitter not thinking much of anything about it,” @GreatApeDad told TODAY Food. “And much to my surprise, it’s had quite a success.”

The Twitter user did not want to share all the details about his photo. For example, he did not provide the location address for the Kentucky McDonald’s that had the sign posted on their drive-thru area.

He arrived early on Sunday to pick up some food for his wife. The sign was still on the drive-thru, and the staff at the store told him that the night manager had quit and closed up shop early the night prior. The Twitter user had some sympathy for the struggles of McDonald’s employees and others in the foodservice industry because he had worked jobs in the field before.

“I used to work in the service industry myself,” he said. “I think that people are just frustrated, especially the working-class people who are there in the front line … things that are in a boiling point where I can definitely see where someone on a Saturday night that doesn’t want to be working the drive-thru — wants to just call it quits.”

Historically low-wage employers like McDonald’s have been struggling to find employees in the wake of the pandemic. Many people are still out of work and are reluctant to return to jobs that pay low wages. Some employers have raged their minimum wages in response to the labor shortage, while others continue to search for workers in a time where workers are hesitant to return to the office or store.

In response, McDonald’s announced a wage increase. Entry-level employees will now make between $11 to $17 per hour while shift managers take home $15 to $20 per hour, depending on the location.