More than anything in her life, six-year-old Miela Kroenke loved to dance. Because she had been doing it for some time, it was like she had danced all her life. But when COVID-19 started spreading throughout the United States, Miela learned that her dance class was canceled and that the dance organization had to put their forthcoming dance competition season on hold indefinitely – and because there is no end in sight for the quarantine, dance class may never be the same again.

With young dancers stuck at home, they are growing frustrated with pent up energy. As a way to keep the students engaged as much as possible – and to lift the dancers’ spirits, the studio challenges them to teach their parents the dance routine they were supposed to do during the dance competition season.

Because Miela’s mother was far too busy, her father agreed to learn the dance so his daughter wouldn’t feel so depressed. And because Miela’s dad was Lt. Tyler Kroenke of the Nebraska State Patrol, the video of the daddy-daughter duo dancing has since gone viral.

For a week, Miela taught her dad the dance routine. He was a quick learner – maybe he would have a chance to appear on Dancing with the Stars – and Miela knew that she had the right dance partner out of her two parents.

When Lt. Kroenke was confident that he knew the dance moves to his daughter’s competition performance, he agreed to set up the camera and dance alongside her for the entire world to see.

“I was sitting on the couch with the wife, and I was like how about you post that to Facebook and give somebody a laugh, I’ll take it at my expense,” said Lt. Kroenke.

Although Lt. Koenke knew that his family and friends would enjoy the video, he had no idea that a video of a dancing state trooper would soon become a national talking point and bring joy to thousands of people stuck at home during the quarantine.

“I’m just tired of scrolling through Facebook and seeing story after story about COVID, and it is important, but we need to see something else and make people happy.”

When the video got picked up by Inside Edition, the daddy-daughter duo knew they had made it big time. And now hundreds of people like you have shared their reaction in the video comments.

“So cute that a dad will go out of his way to help his daughter with dancing everyone stay safe and healthy.”

“Wow this is the most adorable thing ever. Especially in times like this.”

“The fact that sometimes the dad would do the movement slightly before she means he must’ve really practiced.”

“My favorite part about this is that they used the Fairy Godmother cover of I Need A Hero. The Fairy Godmother from Shrek 2 has an amazing singing voice.”

“I love this! The little girl is going to remember this for the rest of her life. Dad set the bar high for her future husband.”

What do you think about this dancing video?

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