For the entirety of their thirty-five years on Earth, identical twins Anna and Lucy Decinque have tried to be as similar to each other as possible. They enjoy many of the same hobbies. They share the same taste in fashion. They make their hair and makeup look similar to each other. But, perhaps the strangest similarity that they share is that they are both engaged to the same fiancé and hope he can impregnate both of them at the same time.

The twin sisters, who are from Perth, Australia, are meant to be together. They have been dating the same man, Ben, for the last eleven years and really love their three-person relationship with him since the girls are willing to share everything as twins. The ladies even have a doctor’s note claiming that they can’t be separated.

In conversation with talk show personalities in Australia, the twins described how they hope to both become pregnant at the same time so they can raise their children together and both be mothers to all of the children. Although they have no expectation that their children will look exactly like each other, they plan to raise the little ones together and shower them with all the twin love they can.

The Decinque twins are quite popular among Australian reality television viewers. They appear in the Extreme Sisters show on TLC in Australia. While the sisters are happy with their unique lifestyle and do not see how they are “hurting anyone” by sharing the same man and planning to be mothers to their sisters’ children, viewers of the Australian talk show found their story to be “creepy.”

The sisters understand that they can’t control when they get pregnant; however, they are going to try to make it happen at the same time.

“We can’t live without each other. We can’t be apart – if it’s possible, we’d like to be pregnant together,” Anna said. “At the end of the day, it’s how we choose to live our lives, and we’re happy to live like that.”

In an effort to do everything together as sisters, anna and Lucy have been sharing the same boyfriend for eleven years. Now they are making him their fiancé and are planning to get pregnant by him so the twins can become mothers at the same time.

Ben is also a twin. This allows him to “understand” the sisters he is dating. He can also satisfy their unique identical twin needs.

“He understands that we need to be the same, we need to do everything together, he understands us, there’s no pressure, he just understands,” Lucy said.

“He understands our closeness. We need to be together twenty-four-seven. He totally understands us,” Anna said.

Lucy added, “He gets us more than we get ourselves. We found our everything. We’re so thankful that we found Ben.”

In addition to sharing a man, they also share a job.

“We need to find an employer that understands our bond, accepts who we are, understands the way we work,” Anna said.

“We’re hardworking girls, we come as a package, we work well as a team, we function as a team, we don’t work separately,” Lucy added.

Do you think these identical twins will get pregnant at the same time?