It’s not uncommon for people to find themselves in a situation where they are unsure of what is happening or how it happened. This was the case for 30 years at one hospital in Japan, which used toilet water as drinking water because their plumbing pipes were accidentally connected incorrectly. The toilets would fill up with dirty water that flowed into the pipes that led to the drinking fountains throughout the hospital, meaning that whoever tried to drink from those fountains would be consuming toilet water instead of pure drinking water.

For the last three decades, a hospital in Japan accidentally used toilet water in place of drinking water because their plumbing was accidentally hooked up incorrectly. The pipes from the toilet were connected to the pipes for drinking water, which meant that the hospital was accidentally serving people toilet water instead of drinking water every time someone reported being thirsty or had to take a sip of water in order to take their doctor-prescribed medication.

The truth only became known after someone found out that the pipes were switched at the Osaka University hospital in Suita, Japan. They simply realized that the tap water pipes were connected to the toilet, which meant that the hospital had been serving patients and anyone else who was thirsty for toilet water for the last three decades because of the simple mistake.

The hospital announced their mistake on October 20, 2021, when they confessed that some of the drinking water pipes had been connected incorrectly – thirty years prior. A local media outlet in Japan called Yomiuri Shimbun reported the horrible mistake made by the hospital.

The article claims that the hospital is still looking into how this all happened and why it took so long for anyone to realize it.

According to a report from The Sun, around a decade ago in 2010, there was an incident where one of the patients had peed in their pants. A nurse gave them some wipes to clean up with before giving them a bed change and a new set of clothes.

The nurse then checked with the director of the department where this patient was being cared for and found out that they were drinking water from a cup with tap water instead of purified clean drinking water. The report goes on to say that over 30 patients had been given toilet-tasting or tainted drinking water, which caused them to be ill because it made them sick to their stomachs.

It is not common for hospitals to make this kind of mistake, but it had happened before in places like China and Japan, where the plumbing was accidentally connected incorrectly during construction or renovation projects, which resulted in patients being served dirty water instead of clean drinking water. It’s never an easy thing to have to happen at a hospital of all places, but it is possible to make a mistake.

In this case, the Osaka University Hospital has apologized for their 30-year mistake and has promised that they will do better from now on in order to ensure that something like this does not happen again. They are also looking into how the pipes became connected incorrectly so many years ago, but for now, they are just glad that the error has been discovered.

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