After months and months of planning, the bride felt that everything was perfect for her big day. So when the day of her wedding arrived, the bride and groom met at the church to formally tie their lives together as one. And as the bride stood at the altar with her beloved, the groom, the guests at Neil and Tricia’s wedding wipe away the tears from the corners of their eyes – but when a voice sounded from the back of the venue, the bride could not hold back the flow of tears.

The voice sounded the moment the bride and groom spoke their vows. After promising to commit their lives to one another, a voice made it loud and clear that something unexpected was about to happen. Thankfully, it was not someone objecting to their marriage. Instead, it was the sound of an emerging flash mob.

Unlike a flash mob that might occur at Grand Central Station in New York City, this one had tact and poise. It retained the formal quality of Tricia and Neil’s wedding and proved that they had the utmost respect for the couple. But as the members of the mob gathered at the front of the venue on the pulpit, they then proved that not only were they full of respect for the couple, they were also bursting with love and support for Tricia and Neil’s union.

As the mob gathered, they burst into song with a beautiful rendition of “How Great Thou Art.” Although the unexpected performance shocked every guest in attendance, Tricia was the most shocked of all. She had spent every ounce of her energy planning the perfect wedding. But someone had gone behind her back to surprise her with this element. And it had made her special day that much more special. By the time the flash mob had finished their performance, tears were pouring from the bride’s eyes.

The video below, which has gone viral millions of times on YouTube, was filmed at Tricia and Neil’s wedding back in February 2017. The video description wrote, “What a surprise this was for the bride and groom just after they exchanged their marriage vows at their wedding in Kincasslagh, Co. Donegal. This was well organized by the bride’s friend Gavin Boyle and with a host of local celebrities – Daniel O’Donnell, Majella, Derek Ryan, Tony Kenny, Shaun Cuddy, Tony Allen and more all sang choruses of ‘How Great Thou Art.’ The Bride and Groom – Neil and Tricia Swan, as well as many members of the congregation,  were left in tears and had everybody on their feet at the end.”

Hundreds wrote responses and praise in the comment section. The following are just some of the most popular ones.

“I’m in tears. That was BEAUTIFUL. I love that hymnal. God bless the couple and may you have a wonderful life with all the best of wishes.”

“Whenever I watch this video, I keep tissues handy as I cry so much in joy to see how we are one in communion with the Lord. God Bless us all. God Bless especially the young couple Bride and Bridegroom, may they have a wonderful married life. Many grateful thanks for posting this beautiful video.”

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