Grace Jones, a thirty-two-year-old woman from San Diego, California, claims that she has drunk her urine to great effect. Now, Jones is sharing how “urine therapy” – drinking pee and rubbing it on her skin and in her eyes – has cured her anxiety and helped her lose thirty pounds. The San Diego urine therapy advocate has been committed to the practice for just a few weeks yet has reported amazing results from drinking, snorting, and rubbing her urine on her skin and hair.

Every morning Jones begins her new routine with a glass of urine. Not only has this treatment helped her ease her severe anxiety, but she also reports that drinking pee and rubbing it all over her body has helped her improve her poor eyesight, eczema, depression, and high blood pressure. Besides these amazing results, she also reports shedding dozens of pounds because of urine therapy and also easing her digestive problems.

Before she was drinking urine, Jones’s life was stricken with many ailments. Now, she enjoys a life free from pain and dis-ease.

Grace said: “I ingest it, snort it, pour it into my eyes, and rub it on my skin and hands. I wee into a cup in the morning and drink it straight away. During the day, I pee into a jar and save it because the more it’s aged, the more potent the nutrients are.”

She added, “I try not to drink it in the evenings because it gives me a lot of energy and keeps me awake. I’m completely off my blood pressure medication. It has helped my skin problems, my hair looks healthier, and I’ve lost 30 pounds. I no longer have depression, anxiety, or brain fog.”

Besides increasing her urine intake, Jones has also taken on a plant-based diet and has stopped drinking alcohol. These several lifestyle changes have helped her lose weight and improve her overall health, contrary to popular opinion.

She said: “I was skeptical at first, and it took me a while to get over the stigma of it. It tastes slightly salty and buttery, but it depends on what you’ve eaten and how you’re feeling. I wanted to get off my blood pressure medication, so I was searching for alternative methods, so when I saw someone on Instagram teaching urine therapy, I just fell into it.”

Although Jones’s commitment to urine therapy has shocked people in her circle, she doesn’t think she’ll stop drinking pee anytime soon.

“I’ve told a couple of my friends and family, and some have said I don’t know what I’m doing or I’m crazy or sick, or I’m going to hurt myself because it’s toxic waste. I haven’t told my boyfriend yet because I don’t think his reaction would be positive. I’m just waiting for the right time. I have my own bathroom so I can keep it hidden.”

In general, the medical community does not support the claims surrounding urine therapy. While dermatologist Whitney Bowe, MD, confirmed that using urine topically could help skin issues, it has to be done by a very regular schedule.