Although she was only fifty-eight years old, the wife of Hank Williams Jr. has passed away from complications that arose “following a medical procedure.” The wife of the country music legend was undergoing some sort of medical procedure at the Jupiter Beach Resort & Spa in Palm Beach County, Florida, when police were called about the medical emergency. Police arrived at the scene of the incident and helped transport Mary Jane Williams to a local area hospital, where she was pronounced dead.

According to a report published on the TMZ website, Mary Jane’s incident started around 5 pm on Tuesday and resulted in her death shortly thereafter. The tabloid reported that her death might have been caused by a “blood clot,” but the official cause of death has yet to be confirmed and reported.

In an effort to get more information about the tragic details of his wife’s death, Daily Mail contacted Hank Williams Jr. and his representatives to get the word about the events. As of right now, it is unclear what type of medical procedure she was having at the time of her death and when the procedure had been performed exactly.

Mary Jane’s last moments occurred at the luxurious hotel that is located along the Florida waterfront. Rooms cost more than $300 per night. After the country singer’s wife’s death on Tuesday, the spa where she had been was “closed until further notice” as of Wednesday.

Hank and Mary Jane had a multi-year history together. They first met back in 1985 at one of Hank Williams Jr.’s concerts in the state of Washington. They had a five-year courtship and eventually married in 1990. They shared two children, Katherine Williams-Dunning and a son Samuel Williams. Unfortunately, Katherine died in a car crash in 2020. She was driving with her husband, Tyler Dunning when the vehicle got into a collision. Tyler was airlifted to a nearby hospital and managed to survive the crash despite dealing with critical injuries.

For many years the pair got along swimmingly until they decided to separate from each other in 2007. However, they continued to work on their relationship and were able to reconcile their differences

Mary Jane and Hank shared three grandchildren together. These little ones were from their late daughter Katie (Beau Weston Dunnings and Audrey Jane Dunnings) as well as from their son, Samuel (Tennyson).

Although the couple had been through a lot of highs and lows during their marriage, they still managed to remain close friends until Mary Jane’s untimely death.

At this time, Williams Jr. has not released any public statements about his wife’s death or funeral arrangements. It is assumed that he is taking some time to grieve privately with his family during this difficult time. Fans of the country music legend have been sending their condolences via social media platforms. Many fans are shocked and saddened by the sudden death of Mary Jane Williams.

This is truly a tragic story for Hank Williams Jr. and his family. The couple had been through so much together, including the death of their daughter, Katherine. Now, Mary Jane has passed away unexpectedly at the young age of fifty-eight. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Hank Williams Jr. and his family during this difficult time. May Mary Jane rest in peace.