Sometimes people get stuck in their heads. They think they’re entitled to something when in reality, they have to get it just like everyone else. But one mother proved that she thought she lived above everyone else when she demanded that a swim instructor, who provides lessons for free, pay her for her time. Now a swim instructor has turned to Reddit to expose a mom for her vile behavior and how she demanded she gets special treatment for no good reason.

“I teach swimming to kids for free even though I was offered money,” wrote the swim instructor on Reddit. “Mombie demands that I have to teach her son exclusively. And to give her the money offered as I don’t need it.”

The mom reached out to the swim instructor for lessons for her son. She heard about the lessons from another woman named Sangeetha.

“She said she offered to pay, but it is free. Is that true? I can’t pay. Free right? I can’t pay. I am a single mom.”

The swim instructor replied, “Yes, they are free. I am in the office. I won’t be able to respond right away.”

“Wow, that’s rude,” mom promptly wrote back. “I want to know what time today I should bring my son to the pool.”

“I am sorry, but today I already informed everyone that I wanted to swim alone today. I will message you the next time I am teaching. Probably after three days. I usually teach the kids from three to five pm.”

“Can you come at one today and teach him?” the pushy mom asked. “One to three is more warm than three to five. I know you have flexible timing.”

“I can’t teach at one because of work. It is already past twelve. And today, I really feel stressed, and I need to blow off some steam. I don’t want to teach today. I already told everyone that. From next time, I will inform you also.”

Mom replied, “That’s not fair. I already told him that he could go swimming today. Give me one good reason to tell him. Else he is going to cry.”

The teacher reiterated how she was not teaching that day. Nevertheless, mom pushed back and demanded private lessons for free.

“I can’t teach just for your son.”

“Why not? He has anxiety issues. You have to teach him alone.”

“I am not a certified trainer. I don’t want to be responsible for the safety of a kid with anxiety in a pool with depth twice his size. I think you should get someone else.”

After some back and forth, the teacher again reiterated that she does not teach solo lessons.

“Wow. You are such a selfish b*tch. He is just a kid,” mom writes back. “Don’t you have any heart? I am a single mom, and I already told him. So… tomorrow at one?”

Mom went on a tirade to the point that she demanded money from the teacher.

“You are so privileged that you don’t need money. You f***ing refuse money that people are ready to pay… You should give it to me. I need it more than you. If you won’t teach my son alone, you should at least give the money to me.”

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