One angry father fumed with outrage after he was forced to wait after placing a McDonald’s order because the restaurant was prioritizing delivery orders. The father wanted to enjoy an icy treat, so he ordered two McFlurries and waited for the order. While the fast-food restaurant worked on fulfilling other people’s orders, the father was forced to wait for a shocking eight minutes until the restaurant’s employees decided to get to his frozen treat order.

The 46-year-old dad, Imran Patel, was forced to wait for far too long after he arrived at the McDonald’s location at Shaw Cross near Dewsbury in West Yorkshire, United Kingdom. While the father was waiting for his order of two McFlurries, he watched in outrage as the workers prioritized all the delivery orders that came in ahead of his order despite the fact that he was waiting for it in person in the store.

When delivery drivers for companies like Deliveroo, UBER Eats, and JustEat arrived for their orders, they were handed their packages while the father was forced to wait. He simply wanted to treat his children to a frozen dessert at the local McDonald’s, but he didn’t realize that the fast-food restaurant no longer cared for customers who shopped in person.

The angry father claimed that he had waited for fifteen minutes to get his frozen dessert order. However, a review of the security footage proved that his wait time was only about eight minutes, which is still pretty long to wait for a blended treat from the McDonald’s fast-food joint.

The furious father talked to Metro about his bad experience at McDonald’s in the UK.

“I’d only gone in there for two McFlurries and a milkshake. With it just being drinks, it should only take five minutes for them to get it ready. I wouldn’t have minded, but it was completely empty in there too. It feels like if you actually go into the restaurant. You’re kind of ignored like the delivery orders are more important.”

After the father’s story went viral, McDonald’s responded to the incident as follows.

“Customer satisfaction is a priority of ours, and we place great emphasis on providing a fantastic experience to everyone who orders at McDonald’s, be it in-store, through the drive-thru, or via our delivery partners.”

In-person diners have complained about delivery orders before. One anonymous person posted to Reddit about how they witnessed delivery orders getting prioritized over their order even though they went into the restaurant and ordered it from a customer in person.

“‘I went to eat in KFC before, and at least a quarter of the restaurant was full of orange, blue and black square food carriers. You could barely move near the till, and sitting anywhere near them was just a constant rush of people with said bags rushing in and out.”

Do you think restaurants should return to prioritizing in-person customers? Or should deliveries get priority?