If you love dogs, then you need to get to know Tim Pink. Pink, who comes from upstate New York, has been snapping photos of the dogs he takes on walks. Not only are Pink’s photos on his Instagram account, @saratogadogwalkers, wonderful to look at, but they’re also extremely engaging. Pink, who currently runs a dog walking business in Saratoga Springs, New York, clearly has a handle on the animals because images prove that he is able to command them as a pack.

Some photos on his Instagram account reveal how Pink manages to get a large group of dogs to sit for a photo. There’s no wonder why his photos continue to go viral. People are falling in love with the dogs that he takes on walks and the way Pink manages to capture adorable moments from those walks around the town of Saratoga Springs.

According to Pink’s Instagram account, he has been running the midday pack program since 2011. Clearly, he has developed a successful dog walking business during the last ten years. His Instagram account has become one way for him to document the wonderful work he does taking people’s dogs on walks around the city.

On his website, Tim Pink writes about the midday pack program.

“Tim started the mid-day pack walk program in 2011 to help meet the needs of Saratoga’s dogs when they need it most- while their owners are at work! With every walk, the dogs are receiving exercise, socialization, structure, potty time, and affection. By meeting these needs on a daily basis, we start to see more well-behaved, healthy, and well-rounded dogs! The program works with the dogs’ natural instincts to travel in a pack, but sadly, this primal ritual of dogs is something that most of our dogs never have the opportunity to do. By walking together on a regular basis, we’re creating a big family of well-behaved dogs in the local community!”

The midday pack program is a great way for owners to ensure their dogs get the exercise they need while at work. It’s also a wonderful added service that Tim Pink provides because it has made him extremely successful in his business. People love going on walks with their pets, and having someone there doing all of the legwork, makes this an extra special service.

People who live in Saratoga Springs and want to go on a walk with their dogs need only head over to the Dog Walkers of Upstate New York’s website or give Tim Pink a call at (518) 490-5086. The Instagram page is another place people can visit for more information about what the midday pack program is all about and the types of dogs who participate.

Although Tim Pink walks a lot of dogs, he has a relationship with each one. He knows all the dogs by name. In conversation with The Daily Gazette, Pink said: “When called, each dog looks right up at him, no matter what is going on around the pack, including when someone else is walking their dog or when there’s traffic.”

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