The daughter of Beth Chapman and “Dog The Bounty Hunter” has a few choice words to say about her father. Now that Dog has found new romance following the tragic death of his wife, his daughter Bonnie Chapman wanted to get a few things off her chest about her reality TV star dad, including how he used to cheat on Beth Chapman “all the time” in a string of infidelities that nearly tore the family apart.

Bonnie turned to Facebook to share her family’s struggles with Dog’s infidelity. On the surface, Dog showered Beth with love, but his daughter revealed that the truth was much darker than what fans of Dog the Bounty Hunter had come to accept as the truth.

“I had forgiven my father after my mother’s death for countless actions that I shouldn’t have,” Bonnie wrote. “He would cheat on my mom all the time, and I hated him every time he did it, but I forgave him for that because I wanted a relationship with my dad. I thought I had only one parent left.”

“I was left with the racist and homophobic parent,” she added. “I can’t begin to fathom how some of my mother’s fans may feel. I say my mother’s fans because everyone watched for Beth. My mother was a shining light in the void. I can no longer watch someone diminish her light with his hatred. I can no longer sit and be quiet about these things.”

Meanwhile, Bonnie had many great things to say about her mother. She looked up to her as one of her personal heroes.

“My mom was a true leader, and believe it or not, she kept my dad focused on his career,” Bonnie said. “We all know of his missteps, but my mom always stood by him. She also kept him in line! My mom was loyal, and she was fiercely protective of her family.

Bonnie added:

“She loved my father and did her best to make him the best man he could be. All too often, that job consisted of dealing with his near-constant infidelity with her friends and strangers while trying to teach him to be a better man. I don’t think that work was in vain; I think mom did change my dad. But that change vanished when my mom died. Since my mom died, my dad ran away from the person she inspired him to be. He began to do that when she was sick in the hospital, and he began to have an affair with a friend of my mom’s.”

Dog did not invite Bonnie to his upcoming wedding.

“I said before that I really didn’t know why I wasn’t invited to my dad’s wedding,” she said, later adding, “I thought my dad would be man enough to put family first, but it appears that man died with my mother.”

What do you think about the way Dog has treated his daughter following the death of Beth Chapman now that he is marrying another woman?