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Dad Refuses To Walk Down The Aisle With Bride’s Stepdad

Fathers often look forward to the day when they get to walk their daughter down the aisle. Many girls dream of their wedding and would want nothing more than to have their fathers by their sides on that special occasion. But one young woman – who grew up in a blended family – loved to bother her biological father and her stepfather, which was why she wanted to walk down the aisle with both men at the same time.

The biological father threw a fit. He turned to Reddit to see if he was wrong to be upset with her request. Below you’ll read what he wrote – and then you’ll see why the resounding answer to his plight was that he was totally unreasonable.

The jealous biological dad wrote, “My wife and I divorced when my daughter was six years old, and my wife had custody of my daughter for the most part since I was too busy working 50 hours a week, she quickly moved on to be with another man seven years younger than her. I knew from many stories I’ve heard that my daughter would probably end up being closer to him than me since not only was our time together very limited but he was a stay at home dad, which means they had plenty of time to bond together which makes me feel sick to this day.”

He added, “This may sound immature, but I made her promise never ever to call her stepdad (dad), that I was her only father and to not betray me. But I have no control over what she or they do in their home. Fast forward to now, my prediction came through, and she’s obviously closer to her stepdad than me.”

He wants people to understand that she’s his kid and not the stepdad’s.

“She has gotten engaged about a year ago, and now that the wedding is approaching near(1 month or so) she’s now out of the blue told me that she wants both me and her stepdad to walk her down the aisle after promising me I would be the one to do it. Even though I know they’re very close, I don’t believe he has any right to walk my blood daughter down the aisle. I am her only father, it isn’t fair that he got to be with my daughter more than me, her bio dad, and now he wants to take this moment from me too.”

Then he gave his daughter the ultimatum. She had to choose.

“I got a bit angry and told her I absolutely would not share an honor that is meant for me, the actual father of the bride with some guy I barely know. She told me he’d done a lot for her growing up and that I’m being petty over something that happened years ago. I told her I wasn’t going to argue about it, and if she wants her stepdad to walk her, she can, but I won’t be there to see it. I was told by a friend of mine who uses this site quite often that many people have gone through something similar to this with their kids or parents, so I wanted to see other people’s perspective, on if it’s wrong for me to want to be the only one to walk my only daughter down the aisle.”

The resounding response on Reddit was that the biological dad was an a**hole.

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