A Domino’s pizza employee has become a viral sensation after sharing a video of his heartbreaking response to receiving a $0 tip on a complicated delivery order. In the TikTok video, which has gone viral millions of times, the social media user (Leaks._.World) explains why it is important to leave tips on delivery orders and how much works really goes into creating the perfect pizza for each customer and their order.

In the video, the TikTok user captures a Domino’s employee’s reaction when a heartless customer gave the delivery worker no tip despite the grueling effort required to get the pizza to the customer’s door. The employee describes how he had to wait five minutes in the pouring rain for the customer to be ready to receive the pizza – only to get nothing in return for his dedication.

The employee breaks down in tears as he shouts out his frustration at being disrespected. Not only was he forced to wait in the rain, but he also made sure he provided the best service possible to Domino’s customers. Nevertheless, his hard work was not appreciated, and he was not given anything beyond minimum wage for his dedication to doing a good job.

The upsetting video opens with the employee furious at being stiffed. Although the person recording his outburst assures him that he needs to calm down since he only has one more delivery order for the day, that news does not help the delivery driver one bit. Instead, he reveals how he really feels about working at Domino’s.

“I don’t want to work here anymore,” he shouts. “Five minutes! Five minutes out there in the rain and no tip. No tip!”

The employee then swipes his hand at the stack of pizza boxes on the pallet, knocking over a swath of them in one move. The man behind the camera reacts with an utterance that cannot be repeated here. And the outraged employee – the one who was screwed out of a tip despite his hard work and dedication – walks off camera. He is defeated by the low-wage job and the lack of respect from delivery customers – those who do not tip their driver.

The video, which was posted at the end of February, featured more than twenty thousand responses from people who felt pity for the delivery driver and others who do not get tipped while providing service to customers.

“If you can’t tip, then don’t order out. Literally in a pandemic.”

“To the people who are complaining about leaving a tip – you simply shouldn’t eat out or maybe go pick it up yourself. Drivers rely on tips!”

“Y’all do not understand that even two to three dollars help tremendously. It can make somebody’s entire day.”

One person suggested that delivery companies need to change their policies to support the drivers.

“(This is) why delivery fees should go to the drivers.”

The delivery driver added that even a single dollar would have helped him feel better about his job.

“Yes, (a small tip) can (make someone’s day). If she would have given me a dollar or even apologized for the rain that I’m soaked in, I would have been fine.”

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