Christopher Hopkins has made quite a name for himself on social media as the coveted Makeover Guy. Hopkins, whose salon is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, often welcomes clients from across the United States who seek out his services to help them look their best. Hopkins specializes in helping middle-aged women and men transform their look so they can live a fuller and happier life – and Mary Johnson from Fargo, North Dakota, is no exception.

At the start of the video, Mary introduces herself and explains that she was very excited to make the trip from Fargo to Minneapolis to meet Hopkins and to sit in his salon chair. Although Mary admittedly feels “anxious” that Hopkins is going to give her a makeover, she’s also very excited to see what he decides to do with her hair and face to spruce up her look.

“I’m not sure of the outcome, but after looking at all of his videos, they do such a wonderful job here. I can’t imagine anything going wrong.”

And just like that, the video cuts from Mary Johnson before her Christopher Hopkins makeover to after – and the results are staggering. Mary has a shorter cut that has been dyed a fiery red that would make her appear very powerful in the Fargo courtroom, where she apparently works.

Hopkins enters the room to make sure Mary is all done because her husband is eager to see the results. He runs his fingers through her new hairstyle and tells her that she can shake her head and enjoy all the new curls. He calls her “adorable and bubbly” and feels that he has chiseled a wonderful new look from the marble that was Mary Johnson of Fargo.

After the makeover, another client guessed that Mary’s age was “forty-two,” which was “just amazing” to the senior grandma.

When Mary reveals herself to her husband, who is waiting in the lobby, he does not even recognize her. He thought she was “that girl” and had to be told that it was actually his wife coming to show him the results. He was thrilled with his wife’s makeover. Maybe he’ll be next.

Viewers delighted in this makeover and shared many comments on YouTube.

“This is one fantastic makeover for this lady. She looks so much younger. The color of her hair is so pretty, and Christopher is correct; she is so cute.”

“She could be in a witness protection program and stay in the same neighborhood, and NO ONE would recognize her!!!!! Gorgeous.”

“If you are going to do another book, this makeover HAS to be on the front cover!! This is the most amazing transformation I have seen! (And I’ve seen them all!!) She is absolutely gorgeous!”

“First off, she already had a lovely smile. Her skin is smooth and still looks young. Especially her sweet dimples. The gray hair just aged her. But wow. Then after my gosh. Jaw-dropping. I love the color and style. Glowing. Literally took twenty-five years off her.”

What do you think about Mary’s makeover?

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